Welcome to lenderprotection.com, created by Direct Lenders’ Insurance Services (DLIS).   DLIS is a Resident California Insurance Agency created to serve Private Lenders throughout the US and certain foreign countries.  DLIS creates proprietary joint venture agreements where DLIS become your back office for everything related to insurance.  As a Private Lender, you underwrite your loans, DLIS underwrites your borrowers.  DLIS is here to protect the interests of lenders and investors and may boost your bottom line!


DLIS processes insurance solutions through Crest Insurance LLC and Belpointe Specialty Insurance Partners Group (SIPG) allowing access to over 100 life and health insurance companies and over 300 personal and commercial lines carriers. 


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Direct Lenders' Insurance Services is not affiliated with Belpointe Insurance, LLC or Belpointe Specialty Insurance, LLC. 

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