Direct Lenders' Insurance Services

As competent and experienced insurance agents, our main priorities are respectability and reliability when it comes to advising our customers. We will support you in choosing your future insurance coverage; we are independent in giving such advice since we are not bound to any one insurance provider. We have built our work's mission statement from these five guiding themes:

  • Expertise
    We stand for expertise in all insurance questions, and we can ensure this based on the experience we have gathered over the years. Plus, we take part in relevant continuing education courses regularly.


  • Customer service
    Closing an insurance contract is a very personal matter. We consider ourselves to be a respectable and reliable partner to our customers.


  • Individual solutions
    Our experience shows that there is seldom a universal solution when it comes to the right insurance or comprehensive package. We believe in creating customized insurance solutions for our customers.


  • Long-term partnerships We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and attend to their insurance needs.

Do you want to meet us in person?

We will be happy to analyze the risk to your organization and provide creative solutions to minimize those risks.  Just click on the "Contact Us" link, fill out the form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Direct Lenders' Insurance Services is not affiliated with SIPG Crest Insurance Solutions & Risk Services or Belpointe Specialty Insurance, LLC. 

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